Silba Island Croatia is another small island in the Adriatic Sea, located in the near vicinity of Kvarner Gulf, just south west of Island of Losinj, in the middle of waters between islands of Premuda and Olib. Administratively, it belongs to Zadar Archipelago, and covers area of about 15 square kilometers. Its sister islands are Molat and Olib.

Silba’s only village is also Silba – located at the narrowest point at the island, right at the point where Silba’s bay Mul and Zalic (Žali?) are at the nearest point.

The island used to be very seafaring orientated when in the 18th century Silba had a fleet of hundred sailing ships. Nowadays, its permanent population is just under 300 people who are mostly involved in tourism industry.

Silba Island Croatia has lot of small beaches and bays where one can enjoy swimming and sunbathing in the clear and unpolluted waters of Adriatic. The  popular landmark is Toreta, a small tower with a spiral staircase access, that offers views of Silba and it’s landscape. Toreta is located in the village itself, in the very centre.

Silba Island Croatia is also a pedestrianised island without any traffic (except services), it has couple of cafes, restaurants, shops and medical point too.