STEFA INVEST SRL, with CIF RO19114243, registered in Romania, 69 A Malu Rosu street Ploiesti, Prahova, applies the following general terms and conditions to their clients.

Belle Yachting is a brand of STEFA INVEST SRL.

The boat charter, which is between the client and the final charter provider (owner or manager of the boat), is governed by the rental contract with the final charter provider.

The aim and intent of STEFA INVEST is to fully satisfy the client. Please, report any incident without delay to info@belle-yachting.com.com. Furthermore, any communication or document should be sent to the same email address.


Through STEFA INVEST and/or www.belle-yachting.com, the client books the charter, and if applicable, extras on request.

The boat in www.belle-yachting.com is offered by STEFA INVEST which acts as a owner and whose responsibility is limited to bringing into contact the client with the final charter provider, who is solely and directly responsible for the provision of the service. STEFA INVEST is not responsible for the provision of the service and, therefore, does not have the obligation to answer in the event of the non-fulfillment or the incomplete fulfillment of the contracted service with the final charter provider, with whom the client has contracted the service. Nevertheless, STEFA INVEST informs that all the final charter provider have been explicitly requested to meet the requirements of the service, according to the sector standards and to the charter contract.

Other services, extras and the deposit will be agreed between the client and the final charter provider, but in this case they will be charged by the latter.

The client expressly accepts this limitation of liability of STEFA INVEST and, in consequence, STEFA INVEST is only responsible for managing and formalizing the booking of the chosen boat, and of managing the payment of the deposit and the rental, according to the conditions and measures established and the characteristics advertised. The client acknowledges that the final charter provider may not accept the booking.

The charter contract will have the duration stated in the rental booking form, without prejudice to being subject to the contract regulation to subscribe to the final charter provider. Any change in its duration, should be informed to STEFA INVEST.


The booking with STEFA INVEST and the rental with the final charter provider process is as follows:

  • Enter on belle-yachting.com
  • Send us a request from our Booking page
  • Specify dates and extras if applicable and fill in the information required, including personal mandatory data.
  • Receive the contract with our partner from Catamaran Charter Croatia – Krk Island, Punat
  • Pay for charter (or block the amount) or pay for 40% of the total amount agreed upon (depending on the remaining time before the service is provided).

The client acknowledges that the charter provided shall be the exclusive responsibility of the final charter provider, according to the contract signed and, therefore, this is the solely responsible for it.


The clients are obliged to:

  • Always grant authentic, right and up-to-date information about personal data requested or any other type of information.
  • provide GARANT, via a link to be sent by GARANT, with a crew list containing the following data of all crew members: full name, address, date and place of birth, nationality, ID document type and number, and the skipper’s licence number, no later than one week before the beginning of the charter. – have valid passports or IDs. The costs of any eventual loss or theft shall be excluded from GARANT’s responsibility, and the takeover of the boat shall not be performed without such valid documents. – check the printed material provided on the boat
  • handle the boat, its inventory and equipment with care and behave with full responsibly in every way. The charterer undertakes to treat of the chartered yacht as his property in accordance with the rules of good seamanship.
  • handle the boat without being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Insurance companies will not cover damage that occurs under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • sail within the borders of the territorial waters of the Republic of Croatia. Leaving Croatian territorial waters shall only be allowed upon the prior written consent of GARANT.
  • sail only in safe weather conditions and in good visibility, and avoiding dangerous areas.
  • adjust the sailing to the weather conditions and the crew’s capabilities, and not allow unnecessary burdening of the mast, sails and ropes. not leave a protective harbour or anchorage if winds over 7 on the Beaufort Scale are forecast.
  • not leave the harbour or anchorage if the boat or one of its vital parts is damaged and/or unsafe for sailing.
  • not leave the harbour if the port authorities have issued a prohibition of sailing or in the case of insufficient fuel supplies.
  • not use the boat for commercial purposes (transport of goods or people for remuneration), professional fishing, sailing schools or similar activities.
  • not rent or lend the boat to a third party.
  • not board more people than the boat is registered for, and not allow people not stated on the crew list to stay on the boat.
  • not participate in regattas or races without the prior consent of GARANT.
  • not tow another boat and to take all possible preventive measures to avoid a situation in which the chartered boat would need to be towed.
  • agree that the charter agreement is terminated in the case that any of the crew members breaks a valid regulation and/or law of the Republic of Croatia. After this, the boat shall be at GARANT’s disposal, and the client shall not have any right to compensation from GARANT. GARANT renounces any kind of responsibility towards the state authorities in such cases; the client shall take sole responsibility for violations of the law and any crimes committed.
  • assume responsibility and pay compensation for all costs for which it is established that they were caused by actions or commissions on the client’s side and for which GARANT is materially and criminally responsible to a third party.
  • agree that the client’s responsibility for violations of sailing and other rules and regulations which are committed during the charter does not cease with the end of the charter.
  • record, in the case of damage, an accident or breakages on the boat, the series of events, and immediately notify GARANT, file an accident report with the closest port authorities, and request verification from the harbourmaster, doctor or other competent authority.
  • notify GARANT immediately in the case of any defect of the boat or its equipment. GARANT is obliged to repair the defect within 24 hours of receiving notification. In the case GARANT repairs the defect within 24 hours, the client has no right to compensation. Emergency telephone numbers for defect notifications are in the boats’ documentation and/or on the boat’s hull and check-in list. – pay full compensation for any damage caused by their negligence or omission which is not covered by the insurance and for which GARANT is responsible to a third party.
  • immediately notify the competent authorities and GARANT, and demand a copy of the police report in the event of the disappearance of the boat or its equipment, inability to sail, confiscation of the boat or prohibition of sailing by the government or a third party.
  • assume full responsibility in the event of confiscation of the boat by the competent authorities due to irresponsible or illegal actions by the crew. – be fully responsible for co
  • Provide the data requested to STEFA INVEST in order to deal with: the booking, contract and provision of service and charging for charter .
  • Accept that STEFA INVEST may transmit personal data to the final charter provider, so that STEFA INVEST may prepare the charter contract and have the data of the people who will steer the boat or be passengers on it. The final charter provider is committed to and obliged to comply with the personal data protection regulations.
  • Pay the amounts corresponding to the hired contracts within the due dates established in the booking and/or hiring process.
  • Properly use the services and, if applicable, have the appropriate qualifications or licenses available in order to use the boat.
  • Pay all the services as indicated, as well as, the services carried out during navigation and which were not expressly included in the offer such as the skipper, fuel and water, mooring outside port base, taxes, and any other services required, according to charter contract.


The final charter provider is a charter company with many years of experience in sailing domain.


The client and STEFA INVEST accept the possibility to formalize agreements and contracts by any means offered by the law, including e-contracting methods through a webpage or an email.


The client will pay when booking or contracting a service, paying the amount agreed in each case and at the agreed moment (and according to the conditions previously accepted by the client).

If the clients do not have to pay the total amount when booking, they are obliged to make the outstanding payment within the indicated dates.

Charter prices are published in euros (€) on the currently valid GARANT price list. The stated prices include a technically adequate and clean boat with a full fuel tank, usage of the boat and its equipment, compulsory and hull insurance, accident insurance for the crew (covering disability and death), mooring in the home marina, a Croatian sailing permit, and concessionary approval for the boat. The stated prices do not cover the costs of mooring and taxes in other marinas during the charter, fuel costs and the costs of other necessities, car parking, and medical insurance for the crew. In order to confirm the charter reservation, the client shall make an advance payment to the amount of 40% of the charter price. The remaining amount up to the complete value of the charter shall be paid at the latest 3 weeks before the beginning of the charter. The client may only take over the reserved boat under the condition that all the necessary payments have been properly made.


7.1 On the part of the client

If the client wishes to change the charter characteristics or cancel the charter, this must be done in writing (via email, fax, or post). The date on which STEFA INVEST receives written notification of cancellation shall be the date which is the basis for calculating the cancellation costs, which shall be done in the following way:

  • For cancellations up to two months before the beginning of the charter, GARANT shall charge 30% of the total charter price.
  • For cancellations up to a month before the beginning of the charter, GARANT shall charge 50% of the total charter price.
  • For cancellations within one month of the beginning of the charter, GARANT shall charge 100% of the total charter price.
  • For cancellations after takeover of the boat, GARANT shall charge 100% of the total charter price and charge the client for all costs arising from the cancellation.

If, when cancelling, the client manages to find a substitute client who is willing to take over their rights and obligations, GARANT shall only charge the direct costs resulting from the client change. GARANT does not assume responsibility in the event of changes or cancellations which are due to force majeure (acts of God) or forces of nature (war, riots, strikes, acts of terrorism, extraordinary sanitary conditions, natural disasters, extreme sea or weather conditions, interventions by the competent authorities).

Cancellations will be processed via mail to info@belle-yachting.com.

7.2 On the part of the final charter provider

Without prejudice of the agreed in the rental contract with the final service provider, we inform that the following cases will trigger an automatic termination of the contract and/or booking, without compensation, or refund of the amount paid by the client:

  • Non-compliance by the client with the payments within the due dates.
  • Imprudence or non-compliance with the rules and the current legislation when using the boat, which includes but is not limited to: exceeding the number of people on board, sailing beyond authorized limits for the boat or for your qualifications.
  • Failure to present the required documentation to steer the boat, before boarding in contracts where Skipper has not been hired.
  • Showing insufficient skills to steer the boat, in contracts where Skipper has not been hired.

For more informations please check also CHARTER CONDITIONS on Bookings page.


We inform you that the personal data of our clients are processed in accordance with the principles of transparency, purpose limitation, data minimization, accuracy, integrity and confidentiality, and in compliance with other obligations and guarantees established by EU Regulation.

  1. Data controller: STEFA INVEST SRL, with CIF RO19114243, registered in Romania, 69 A Malu Rosu street Ploiesti, PrahovaTelephone: +40 (0) 723 279 128, email: info@belle-yachting.com
  2. Purpose of processing: We process your information in order to provide you with the services you request, to send you messages regarding purchased or similar products and to carry out invoicing.
  3. Origin and category of data processed: The personal data that we process is the identification information that you provide through the registration form on our site.
  4. Storage time: The data provided will be kept for as long as the contractual relationship lasts or for the necessary number of years to comply with our legal obligations.
  5. Legitimacy: We only process your data if we have your express and informed consent, and always in accordance with the purposes described.
  6. Recipients: The data that you provide will not be transferred to third parties, except in cases where there is a legal obligation to do so.
    To carry out certain necessary functions for the provision of the service, however, your data may be processed by third parties who act as data processors and are contractually required to comply with their legal obligations to keep information confidential and secret.
  7. International transfers: You are informed that the Company contracts out the management of some functions that are necessary for the provision of the service to data processors located outside the EU and that these guarantee an adequate level of personal data protection.
  8. Rights: You hold the following rights over your personal data:
    – Right to request access to personal data.
    – Right to request correction or deletion.
    – Right to request restriction of processing or to object to processing.
    – Right to data portability.

To exercise your rights, you can notify us by email at info@belle-yachting.com, specifying the right you wish to exercise.

  1. Who is the data controller of your data?
  2. For what purpose do we process your data and under what legitimacy?
  3. What categories of data do we process and where do we obtain that data?
  4. Who are the recipients of your data and how do we store it?
  5. What are your rights and how can you exercise them?


The Data Controller is the company STEFA INVEST SRL, with CIF RO19114243, registered in Romania, 69 A Malu Rosu street Ploiesti, PrahovaTelephone: +40 (0) 723 279 128, email: info@belle-yachting.com


The information that you provide through the website or application may vary depending on the services you request or the actions that you expressly authorize us to carry out. Generally speaking, we can process your data for the following purposes:

  1. To provide you with pleasure boat rental services, register you as a Customer and manage the contractual relationship that we have with you.
  2. To send you messages regarding contracted or similar services by email. If you do not wish to receive these messages, you can, at any time, decline receipt by replying to the email you receive or contacting our customer service department. The legitimizing basis of this purpose is the contractual relationship between you, the Customer, and us, the Company, and the consent you provide.
  3. To invoice for our service.


The personal data that we process is the identification information that you directly provide either through the registration form on our website or through other means, such as enquiries made to our email address.

The personal data that is processed includes the following specific categories:

  • Identification information: First name and surname, address, email address, telephone number, passport or recognized identity document number and information.
  • Payment information: Credit/debit card details or other payment information.
  • Location: If you use location-based functions and have location services enabled in your computer or mobile settings, your real-time geographical location and your IP address, as well as Wi-Fi hotspot and telephone relay antenna locations.

The Company does not, under any circumstances, accept liability for the use of false, inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date information provided by the Customer.


4.1. Recipients: The data that you provide will not be transferred to any third parties, except to public authorities, judges, the courts or the police, in the event that we are legally required to do so.

4.2. Data processors: To carry out certain necessary functions for the provision of the Company’s services, your data may be processed by third parties who act as data processors and are contractually required to comply with their legal obligations to keep information confidential and secret.

4.3. International transfers: While the data that we collect about you is usually stored within the European Economic Area (EEA), it may also be transferred and processed in a country outside the EEA using the cloud storage model. You are informed that any transfer to a location outside the EEA is only made to companies that belong to the EU-US Privacy Shield, which guarantees an adequate level of personal data protection.

4.4. Categories: The categories of recipients that may process your data for the purposes indicated and according to the legitimising basis are the following:

Public authorities, judges, the courts, the police Identification information Compliance with a legal obligation
Hosting and cloud storage services Identification information Management of the contractual relationship
Postal, distribution and messaging services Identification information Management of the contractual relationship


5.1. Rights. Our data protection regulations grant you a series of rights in relation to the processing of your data when you contract our services. These can be summarized as follows:

  1. Right of access: To find out what data of yours we are processing.
  2. Right of correction: To request the correction of any of your data that is inaccurate or untrue.
  3. Right of deletion: To request the deletion of your data when processing is no longer necessary.
  4. Right of restriction: To restrict the future processing of your data.
  5. Right of objection: To decline receipt of commercial communications.
  6. Right of portability: To enable you to receive your personal data in a commonly used, structured and machine-readable format so that it can be transferred, copied or transmitted to another data controller.

5.2. Right of withdrawal of consent. You can withdraw the consent that you have provided by notifying us by email at info@belle-yachting.com.